• Inconel 690 Sheet
  • Inconel 690 Sheet
  • Inconel 690 Sheet
  • Inconel 690 Sheet
  • Inconel 690 Sheet

Inconel 690 Sheet

Inconel 690 sheet, also known as UNS N06690 is a thin flat sheet made from high-nickel, high-chromium alloy. Typically, it ranges in thickness from 0.3mm to 6mm. Below are standard sizing options.

  • Width: 10mm, 12mm….2500mm
  • Length: 2mm up to 6000mm, or as required
  • Sizes: 1000mm x 2000mm, 1219mm x 2438mm, 1220mm x 2440mm, 1500mm x 3000mm, etc

Inconel 690 Sheet Manufacturer in China

Tuolian offers Inconel 690 sheeting that has optimum resistance to stress-corrosion cracking. With that, the sheets ensure that the components remain reliable and safe. Maintain its structural integrity for longer periods. And guarantee that operations can continue smoothly, improving productivity, and reducing costs.

The typical hardness values for Inconel 690 sheet are B85 (Rockwell hardness), 185 (Brinell hardness), spring hard, quarter hard, soft, hard, half hard, etc.

However, the hardness can vary depending on the manufacturing process, specific material properties, and condition of application.

Tuolian Inconel 690 Sheet has been widely used in fields where high temperature is a concern. That includes heat treating equipment, nuclear steam generators, industrial furnace components, and gas turbine components. It’s also used in chemical processing, machine engineering, petrochemical processing, plant manufacturing, and power generation applications.

At Tuolian, we are focused to provide top-quality alloys in order meet growing industry demand. We can fabricate Inconel 690 sheets in different finishes including cold rolled, hot rolled, 2B, satin, NO. 8, or as desired. No doubt, you can find high-performance Inconel 690 sheets for your applications.

Need customized Inconel 690 sheet specifications? Our experts are ready to help – contact us now!

Resist corrosion in elevated temperature environments

  • Good oxidation resistance up to 1000°C.
  • Exhibits good thermal stability
  • Easy to use and versatile form
  • Highly resistant to scaling
  • Excellent hardness even at an extreme heat
  • Highly durable
  • Formed into any shape and size without breaking/cracking
  • Easy to weld using standard welding techniques

Tuolian Inconel 690 sheet is manufactured in accordance with several specifications, including:

  • ASTM B168
  • ASTM A162
  • ASTM B463
  • ASTM B626
  • ASME SB-168
  • AMS 5540
  • DIN177502002
  • GB/T2054

Ni: 58-63%

Cr: 27-31%

Fe: 7-11%

Mn: 0.5% max.

Si: 0.5% max.

C: 0.05% max.

S: 0.015% max.

P: 0.02% max.

Tensile strength: 620 MPa

Yield strength: 275 MPa

Elongation: 25%

Hardness: HRB 85 max.

Room Temperature:

Density: 8.19 g/cm3

Melting range: 1343-1393°C

Specific heat capacity: 0.103 Btu/lb-°F

Thermal conductivity: 9.9 Btu/(ft·hr·°F)

Coefficient of thermal expansion: 7.4 x 10^-6/°F

Electrical resistivity: 0.000103 ohm-cm

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