• Inconel X750 Bar
  • Inconel X750 Bar
  • Inconel X750 Bar
  • Inconel X750 Bar
  • Inconel X750 Bar

Inconel X750 Bar Features

  • Precipitation hardenable
  • Withstands stress corrosion cracking
  • Thermal cycling resistance
  • Up to 1300°F temperature resistance
  • 90% toughness

Inconel X750 Alloy

Tuolian Inconel X750 Bar is also commonly referred to as Inconel X750 round bars. This is a type of bar stock made from the nickel-chromium alloy Inconel X750. Widely known for its good formability, making it easy to machine and weld into various bar sizes.

They are often used in applications that require high temperatures and high strength, such as gas turbines, rocket engines, and nuclear reactors. We can customize its sizes to meet your intended applications.

For your Inconel X750 requirements in bar forms, contact us!

Diameter (inches) Lengths (feet)
0.125 10, 12, 14
0.250 10, 12, 14
0.375 10, 12, 14
0.500 10, 12, 14
0.625 10, 12, 14
0.750 10, 12, 14
1.000 10, 12, 14
Nickel Carbon Iron Niobium Silicon Sulfur Titanium Manganese
75.0 0.08 9.0 1.2 0.5 0.01 2.75 1.0

Inconel X750 bars are typically produced by one of two methods: hot rolling or cold drawing. The hot rolling method involved heating Inconel X750 above its melting point before passing it using rollers. Cold drawing, on the other hand, involves pulling the Inconel X750 material through a die at room temperature.

The final bars are then cut to the desired length and shipped to customers for use in wide industrial applications.

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