• Inconel X750 Rod
  • Inconel X750 Rod
  • Inconel X750 Rod
  • Inconel X750 Rod
  • Inconel X750 Rod

Inconel X750 Rod

Inconel X750 rod is a nickel-based alloy added with elements such as iron, chromium, etc. It is produced using the most advanced aging treatment, solution treatment, and heat treatment.

Leading Inconel X750 Rod Manufacturer | Tuolian

Inconel X750 Rod features good processability, oxidation resistance, and creep resistance. Also, alloy X750 rods can withstand both high temperatures and cryogenic temperatures.

For that reason, alloy X750 rods are commonly used for the production of engine parts, heat-treating fixtures, bolts, tools, components, etc. Many industries such as marine, chemical, and aerospace also use alloy X750 rods.

At Tuolian, we manufacture Inconel X750 rods in various rod forms such as hex, square, round, half-round, etc. Custom shapes, dimensions, and finishes are also available to meet your unique project needs.

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