Metal Calculators

TuoLian has an online metal weight calculator so you can easily figure out how much does the material weigh. It can weight over 20 alloy and metal types. It can also help you in calculating the quantity that you require. Our metal calculators can help you figure out the shipping cost, maximum weight that the trailer/truck can handle, and weight bearing projects.

The formula for Metal Weight Calculation

Regardless of the metal shape, size, and type, the basic formula for calculation is basically the same. The first step is calculating the volume. The formula for calculating the volume of a rectangular metal is the following:

V = Width x Height x Length


However, circular or tube metals have a more complicated volume formula. After figuring out the metal volume, it is multiplied by density. Density is the material weight per unit volume. Every type of metal and alloys has a different unique density. As an example, the 300 series of stainless steel grade has a density of 0.0078g/mm3.

We can provide you a metal reference chart for metal density upon your request. Take not, keeping the unit of measurement in mathematical calculation is important. Our metal calculator has different unit of measurement options to choose from based on the dimensions you enter.

Metal Weight Calculation

Calculating the weight of the metal involves multiplying the volume to the density and conversion factors.

Weight = Volume x Density x Conversion Factors

Calculating Metal Weight Makes Easier

Our online metal weight calculator allows you to calculate easily. Below are the processes on how to use our calculator.

  • Choose the type of metal that you want to calculate using the drop down menu.
  • Select the metal piece shape.
  • Input how many metals you are purchasing.
  • Type the dimension of the metal piece.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the unit of measurement.
  • Click the calculate button to view the result.

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