• Monel 400 Strip
  • Monel 400 Strip
  • Monel 400 Strip
  • Monel 400 Strip
  • Monel 400 Strip

Monel 400 Strip | UNS N04400

  • Metallographic Structure: Most Monel 400 strips are fabricated with higher strength exclusive-state solid solutions.
  • Resistance Ability: Strips made from Monel 400 exceptionally have superb resistance against different corrosive chemicals, elements and acids. At the same time, most of these materials are capable of resisting most water corrosion cases, as well as pitting and stress corrosion cracking.
  • High Temperature Performance: These materials can operate continuously to its maximum temperature reaching around 600℃.

Monel 400 Strip Manufacturer

Monel 400 Strip is a nickel-copper alloy popular choice for high-strength applications due to its outstanding resistance to seawater and other aggressive environments. With trace elements of iron, manganese, silicon, and carbon, this alloy has a nickel content of around 67% and a copper content of 23%.

Among the monel 400 strip’s advantageous mechanical characteristics are its high tensile strength, exceptional ductility, and low coefficient of thermal expansion. In rare circumstances, it also provides strong resistance to acid and alkaline solutions as well as stress-corrosion cracking.

Some surface finishes we offer for our custom strips include polished, bright annealed, hot/cold rolled, satin, mirror, hairline, 8K, 1D/2D, 2B. These finishes provide a huge contribution in improving and maintaining the flawless appearance, quality performance, and resistance of the materials.

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  1. Valves, pumps, water pipes, steam pipes.
  2. Distillation of crude oils.
  3. Equipment used for isotope separation and uranium refining manufacturing.
  4. Pump shaft and propellers.
  5. Sweater evaporators exchangers.
  6. For sulfuric and hydrochloric environments.
  7. Various industries use heat exchangers.
  8. Marine engineering.
  • 5% iron (Fe)
  • 3 % carbon
  • 5% silicon (Si)
  • 024 % sulfur
  • 2% of manganese (Mn)

Tensile Strength: 480 MPa (minimum)

Yield Strength: 170 MPa (minimum)

Elongation: 35%

Heat Treatment: 870°C to 980°C

The foundational physical properties of Monel 400 strips consist of 8.8 g/cm3 of density, 1350 °C of melting point, 51.1 µohm-cm of electrical resistivity, 179 GPa of elasticity modulus, and 65.5 GPa of rigidity modulus.

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