• Monel K500 Rod
  • Monel K500 Rod
  • Monel K500 Rod
  • Monel K500 Rod
  • Monel K500 Rod

Monel K500 Rod

Monel K500 rod is a versatile nickel-copper alloy added with titanium and aluminum. It has high hardness, great strength, and excellent mechanical properties.

Monel K500 Rod Manufacturer | Tuolian

The alloy K500 rods are resistant to erosion, corrosion, and fatigue. Due to the excellent properties of Monel alloy K500 rods, they are perfect for instrumentation components, electronic components, bolting, shafts, valve components, and other applications.

At Tuolian, we manufacture high-quality Monel K500 rods in various lengths, thicknesses, and finishes. Our alloy K500 rods are also obtainable in square, round, hexagonal, half-round, and other forms. To fulfill your exact project needs, we can customize them based on your specifications.

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