• Nickel 200 Pipe
  • Nickel 200 Pipe
  • Nickel 200 Pipe
  • Nickel 200 Pipe
  • Nickel 200 Pipe

Nickel 200 Pipe | UNS N02200

  • Highly ductile and malleable
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient
  • Good resistance to hydrogen sulfide
  • Consistent dimensions and tolerances
  • Formed into a variety of shapes
  • Can be coated or plated
  • High degree of purity

Tuolian Nickel 200 Pipe

Nickel 200 pipe also known as UNS N02200 pipe. It is manufactured from pure wrought nickel. This material exhibits superior corrosion resistance and good mechanical characteristics.

Many industries used Nickel 200 pipes such as the aerospace, pharmaceutical, petrochemical industries, food processing, power generation plants industries, and more. This material is suitable for use in heat exchangers, condensers, and piping systems.

Standards include ASTM B163, ASTM B161, ASME SB161, ASTM B725, etc. These standards specify the dimensions, tolerances, mechanical properties, chemical composition of the pipe, and test methods to be used to evaluate its properties.

Nickel 200 pipe is resistant to many acids. That includes hydrochloric and sulfuric acids. Thus, this material is popular in chemical processing plants.

Various testing procedures include non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques, such as ultrasonic and eddy current testing. The destructive testing methods include tensile, hardness, and impact testing. Chemical analysis and corrosion testing may also be conducted to verify the chemical composition of the pipe.

At Tuolian, we supply Nickel 200 pipe in seamless and welded form. It is also accessible in 1/8 inch to 26 inches in diameter. The sizes and lengths can be customized to meet your specific requirements. The weight of the pipe can vary from a few pounds to several tons.

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Product Detail Description
Material Nickel 200
Equivalent grades ASTM B162, DIN 2.4066, and UNS N02200.
Outer Diameter (OD) 1/8″ – 12″
Wall Thickness Schedule 10 – XXS
Length Up to 13500mm, custom
Type Seamless, welded, ERW, fabricated
End Connections Plain end, beveled end, threaded, or socket weld
Form Round, rectangular, etc.
Surface finish Cold drawn, annealed
Heat treatment Annealed at 704°C
Element Nickel Iron Manganese Silicon Copper Carbon Sulfur Oxygen
Percentage 99.6% 0.4% 0.35% 0.35 % 0.25% 0.15% 0.01% 0.35%
Property Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2% offset) Elongation Hardness (Rockwell B)
Value 55 ksi (380 MPa) min 15 ksi (105 MPa) min 40% min 55 maximum

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