• Nickel 200 Sheet
  • Nickel 200 Sheet
  • Nickel 200 Sheet
  • Nickel 200 Sheet
  • Nickel 200 Sheet

Nickel 200 Sheet Features

  • Low electrical resistivity
  • High melting point
  • Good ductility and toughness
  • Non-magnetic
  • Easily formed and fabricated
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Good dimensional stability
  • High tensile strength
  • Good creep resistance

Tuolian Nickel 200 Sheet

Nickel 200 Sheet is a pure nickel alloy material. It has a unique combination of properties making this material an ideal choice for various applications such as the chemical and petrochemical industries, electrical and electronic components, aerospace, missile, marine, food processing equipment, medical equipment, and architectural and decorative applications.

Tuolian nickel 200 sheet has excellent corrosion resistance in a broad range of environments. It is highly resistant to both acidic and alkaline solutions. That includes hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, & sodium hydroxide. Aside from that, this sheet is also resistant to organic and inorganic chemicals, corrosion in seawater and other marine environments, oxidizing and reducing environments, as well as to dry gases at room temperature.

The common fabrication processes include shearing, punching, hot and cold forming, welding, and machining. These processes can create a variety of components for use in specific applications.

At Tuolian, we supply nickel 200 sheets in sizes 650-2000mm width, 800-4500mm length, and 0.3mm to 20mm thickness as per ASME A & NACE MR 175 hardness.

Nickel 200 Sheets can be fabricated using a variety of processes to meet the specific requirements of your application.

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(Ni) (Mn) (Fe) (Si) (S) (C) (Cu) (Cr)
99% .35% .40% .35% 0.010% .15% .25% .10%
Property Value
Tensile Strength 380-550 MPa
Yield Strength 105-420 MPa
Elongation 45-55%
Hardness Brinell 80-120
Poisson’s Ratio 0.31
Parameters Value
Density 8.89 g/cm³
Melting Point 1,453 °C
Coefficient of Expansion 13.3 µm/m·K
Thermal Conductivity 70.2 W/m·K
Electrical Resistivity 9.96 µΩ·m
Modulus of Elasticity 204 GPa
Specific Heat Capacity 0.44 J/g·K
Magnetic Permeability 1.002 (at 20 °C)
Curie Temperature 358 °C

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