• Nickel 200 Strip
  • Nickel 200 Strip
  • Nickel 200 Strip
  • Nickel 200 Strip
  • Nickel 200 Strip

Nickel 200 Strip | UNS N02200

  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Good weldability and workability
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Resistant to embrittlement by hydrogen
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Non-magnetic and non-toxic

Tuolian Nickel 200 Strip

Nickel 200 also called UNS N02200. It offer high ductility & low electrical resistivity features. Nickel 200 strips are thin, flat pieces that withstand many corrosive environments, such as alkaline, acidic, & neutral solutions. Thus, perfect for use in the manufacturing of electrical components, batteries, & chemical processing equipment.

Strips made from Nickel 200 are highly malleable. They are easily formed & shaped for your needs. With their high purity & consistent quality, these materials are a cost-effective choice for a variety of industrial & commercial applications.

At Tuolian, we manufacture Nickel 200 strips using a hot-rolling process. This method can produce strips in a variety of widths and thicknesses, ranging from 0.1mm to 3mm thick and 10mm to 500mm wide. Typically sold in standard lengths of 1000mm or custom lengths upon request. Various finishes are available such as hot-rolled, annealed, and pickled.

Nickel 200 strips adhere to ASTM B162, AMS 5553, MIL-N-14411C, and ASTM F67 specifications. You can guarantee 100% quality and performance.

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Element Composition  
Nickel 99.6%
Manganese 0.35%
Copper 0.25%
Iron 0.40%
Sulfur 0.01%
Carbon 0.15%
Silicon 0.35%
Parameters Value
Density 8.89 g/cm³
Co. of thermal expansion 13.3 x 10^-6 /°C
Melting point 1446 °C
Electrical resistivity 9.6 micro-ohm cm
Specific heat capacity 0.44 J/gK

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