• Nickel 201 Bar
  • Nickel 201 Bar
  • Nickel 201 Bar
  • Nickel 201 Bar
  • Nickel 201 Bar

Nickel 201 Bar Benefits

There are a lot of advantages when using nickel 201 bar materials including:

  • Ductility
  • Oxidation
  • Resistance
  • High creep resistance
  • Low gas content
  • High-temperature strength
  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Low vapor pressures
  • Brilliant polish
  • Magnetic properties
  • Excellent mechanical properties

Nickel 201 Bar

Nickel 201 bar is a type of material that is known for its excellent resistance against caustic alkali. With its extra low carbon content alloy, it gives excellent immunity against any attack of environmental for about more than 315°C. This nickel 201 bar consists of pure nickel and a combination of carbon, copper, iron, manganese, sulfur,  and more.

Nickel 201 bar can be shaped through cold-working and hot-working processes. It can be hot worked at 649°C and 1232°C  and heavy forming can be made at 871°C. Then the annealing can be performed in temperatures ranging from 704°C to 871°C.

This Nickel 201 Bar is a high-grade metal that is widely used in various fields of industry, especially for manufacturing, chemical processing, aerospace, medical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas industry, automotive, electrical power generation, and many more. With its better corrosion resistance, it also becomes must need in marine environments due to it cannot rust.

There are many finish processes in order to produce a great nickel 201 bar some of these are smoothly turned, slit rolled edge, bright, sandblasting, hairline, rough turned, polished, and so on.

Its extensive range of sizes, finishes, and thicknesses, makes it ideal for any application. This can be customizable depending on your needs at a reasonable price.

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Density: 8.885 g/cm³

Melting Range: 1435°C to 1446°C

Specific Heat: 456.4 J/(kg*K)

Young Modulus: 2.05 x105 M

Electrical Resistivity: 9.6 x10^-8 ‎Ωm

Thermal Conductivity: 724.7 kcal/(hr.m.°C)

Tensile Strength: 462 MPa or 6700 PSI

Yield Strength: 148 MPa or 21500 psi

Elongation to Break: 45%

Chemical Content%
Nickel 99%
Manganese 0.35%
Iron 0.40%
Copper 0.25%
Silicone 0.35%
Sulfur 0.010%
Carbon 0.15%

We are doing a testing process in order to give high-quality Nickel 201 Bar such as:

  • Hardness test
  • Pitting corrosion resistance
  • Chemical examinations
  • Spectro analysis
  • Eddy current test
  • Crushing test
  • Positive material recognition
  • Spectro analysis
  • Mechanical examining

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