• Nickel 201 Coil
  • Nickel 201 Coil
  • Nickel 201 Coil
  • Nickel 201 Coil
  • Nickel 201 Coil

Nickel 201 Coil Features

  • Increased ability to withstand rusting
  • Excellent mechanical qualities
  • Thermal constancy
  • Non-magnetic
  • Superb purity
  • Welding capability
  • Outstanding electrical conductivity
  • Good radiation resistance 

Tuolian Nickel 201 Coil

Nickel 201 is a low-carbon, economically pure wrought nickel. It is a flat-rolled product that has been coiled into a roll from this material. Nickel 201 sheet or strip is frequently hot or cold rolled into nickel 201 coil to achieve the necessary thickness and width.

The coils are then annealed to enhance ductility and eliminate any residual rolling stresses. That makes them easier to form and prevents cracking during subsequent fabrication techniques. Nickel 201 coil is commonly utilized in a variety of applications that demand corrosion resistance, high-temperature performance, and exceptional mechanical properties.

Nickel 201 is a commercially pure nickel alloy with a low carbon percentage and excellent mechanical, thermal, and corrosion resistance. Nickel 201 coil is subject to the following certification criteria. ASTM B162, ASME SB-162, DIN 17750, EN 10088, ISO 6208, and NACE MR0175 are all examples of standards.

Chemical processing equipment: Equipment for chemical processing, including reactors, tanks, and piping systems exposed to hostile conditions and corrosive chemicals, is made with nickel 201 coil.

Aerospace industry: Nickel 201 Coil is utilized in the aerospace sector to produce parts and components for aircraft engines and gas turbines due to its strong resistance to high temperatures and corrosion.

Electronic components: Due to its excellent electrical conductivity and poor corrosion resistance, nickel 201 coil is used in batteries and electronic parts.

Medical equipment: Because of its superior corrosion resistance and biocompatibility, nickel 201 Coil is used in medical equipment and surgical tools.

Nuclear industry: Fuel element spacers, control rod components, and reactor core components are all made in the nuclear industry using nickel 201 coil.

Food processing equipment: In the food processing sector, nickel 201 coil is used to produce machinery that is in contact with acidic or alkaline meals.

Marine industry: Due to its resistance to corrosion caused by seawater, nickel 201 coil is used in the marine industry to make propeller shafts, valves, and fittings.

Nickel 201 is a commercially available alloy that is 99.6% pure nickel and has outstanding corrosion resistance. A flat strip of nickel 201 twisted around a spiral pattern is known as a nickel 201 coil. The following traits could be seen in typical nickel 201 coils:

  1. Coil width: Normally, it ranges from 0.5 inches to 24 inches.
  2. Coil thickness: typically 0.125 inches to 0.001 inches.
  3. Weight of the coil: Usually between 100 and 5,000 pounds.
  4. Annealed (soft) temper
  5. Surface treatment: bright or matte
  6. Tolerance: Typically, nominal thickness tolerance for thickness is +/- 10%.

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