Tuolian Nickel 201 (UNS N02201)

Nickel 201 has a UNS designation of N02201. It is a commercially pure wrought alloy with the same properties as Nickel 200 material. Nickel alloy 201 has lower carbon content and thus can operate above 316°C (600°F).

Alloy 201 high nickel content helps it resist neutral to moderately reducing conditions such as alkaline, neutral salt solutions, mineral acids, and dry gases at room temperature. In hydrogen chloride and dry chlorine, alloy 201 can be utilized up to 550°C. It also withstands above 315°C intergranular attack. However, severe attacks will occur at oxidizing salt solutions. Hence, it is not recommended to be used in that environment.

Tuolian Nickel 201 is highly ductile and perfect for various fabrication techniques such as machining, welding, hot forming, cold forming, etc. It also exhibits excellent mechanical characteristics. Hence, can be shaped in various standard forms such as sheet and plate, rod and bar, strip, coil, tube, etc. You can also specify the sizes and thicknesses. For instance, a 1/8” – 8” OD size rod and bar, a 0.125” size sheet, a 0.0625” size strip/coil, and more.

Whether you need Nickel 201 tube, Nickel 201 plate, Nickel 201 sheet, Nickel 201 bar, or Nickel 201 rod, or Nickel 201 coil we can supply the right material for your needs.

NICKEL 201 Features

  • Ferromagnetic
  • Cost-effective material
  • Standard and custom sizes
  • Wide range of forms
  • High thermal and electrical conductivity

Nickel 201

Nickel 201 Sheet
Nickel 201 Sheet
Nickel 201 Pipe
Nickel 201 Pipe
Nickel 201 Bar
Nickel 201 Bar
Nickel 201 Rod
Nickel 201 Rod
Nickel 201 Strip
Nickel 201 Strip
Nickel 201 Coil
Nickel 201 Coil
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Form Sheet Plate Bar Rod Tube Strip Coil
Standard Specifications ASTM B162 ASTM B162 ASTM B160 ASTM B160 ASTM B161, B725 ASTM B162, B163, ASME B 725 ASTM B162,


Ni C Mn Si S Fe Cu
99.0% .020% .350% .350% .010%  .40% .250%

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