Nickel Alloy Bar Feature

The nickel alloy bar provides excellent features which make them highly needed in wide range of applications. It offers corrosion resistant, high strength, oxidation resistance, excellent stability even at high temperature, can work in harsh environment, offers good ductility, hardness, malleability, good mechanical properties.

Nickel Alloy Bar Manufacturer

The nickel alloy bar is consist of different types of element that help them to get excellent characteristics. The common element that found in this alloy are Tungsten, chrome, molybdenum, cobalt, and iron.

We offer customize services depending on your request. Below are the specification in choosing the right nickel alloy bar.

Diameter:                                       ½ inch to 2 ½ inch

Length:                                            0.75 inches to 6 inches

Finishes:                                         Cold finished, rough turned, and hot rolled

Our nickel alloy bar are design to pump shafts, marine pipe system, sea water valves, evaporator coils, heat transfer, reaction vessels, control components: ducts, scrubbers, stack liners, turbines blades, aircraft engine parts, exhaust system.

Tuolian rest assured that every nickel alloy bar are meet the demand applications for various industry especially for bio-medical, aerospace, oil & gas, petrochemical, power generations, pharmaceutical, automotive, food processing.

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