Nickel Strip

Nickel strips are also referred to as nickel strapping, coil strips, or belts. They are sheared from nickel coil into narrow and long strips.

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You can use nickel coil strips for various applications and industries such as machinery, combustion chambers, load-bearing components, afterburner cylinders, structural parts, metallurgy, mounting edges, and many more.

They are well-suited in these applications thanks to their excellent features such as thermal fatigue resistance, excellent oxidation resistance, electrical conductivity, and high corrosion resistance. Aside from that, the strips can withstand alkali, acids, and other salt-corrosive environments.

At Tuolian, you can find a wide range of nickel strips in various grades such as 400, 600, 800, C-276, and other nickel grades. To suit your specific needs, we can customize them to your exact specifications.

Thickness: 0.05 up to 3mm

Length: to be customized

Width: 5mm to 200mm

Finish: BA Finish, 2B Finish, Mirror Finish, 8K, etc.

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