Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas Industry

Toulian Metal offers a variety of options for effective production in the oil and gas sector. We supply stainless steel materials used for storage facilities, re-gasification, and more. Many oil and gas processing systems’ safe construction and operation depend heavily on stainless steel. This material is robust and requires little maintenance. Thus ensuring a long life in a demanding environment. Our most popular stainless steel grades include 304, 304L, 405, 410, and many more. Each grade demonstrates excellent durability, impact resistance, high tensile strength, and corrosion resistance.

Toulian is a professional company in China. Our business complies with the FEED, ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, etc. You can ask for the best material grades based on your requirements. We will assist you 24/7. Additionally, we assist OEM/ODM services. Quick production, cost-efficient shipping, and low MOQ requirements. We have a lot of stainless steel options to suit your needs. Contact us!

Wide Range of Applications

Stainless steel is available in a huge array of alloys and properties. It benefits the many different processes utilized in the contemporary oil and gas sector. These alloys work well for producing goods for this sector of the market:

  • Oil pipelines, sewage and water treatment devices, heat exchangers, oil platforms, desalination facilities, gas plant devices, offshore oil rigs, and more.
  • Pumps, coolers for oil and gas, separators, tanks for processing goods, tanks for storing goods, umbilical tubes, etc.
  • Harbor parts, coastal, and ship propellers, and deck parts.
Oil and Gas

One Stop Stainless Steel Supply.

Whether you need stainless steel materials for your business or fabrication projects, TuoLian is your best supplier. You can find all types, grades, and thicknesses based on your needs. Guaranteed that we provide the best quality at a reasonable cost.
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