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Ornamental Stainless Steel Tubing

Ornamental Stainless Steel Tubing Manufacturer in China

Ornamental stainless steel tubes are also knowns as decorative stainless steel tubes. They are decorative and not used for the transmission of any fluid, oil, gas, etc.

At TuoLian, we are providing custom ornamental stainless steel tubes for your project needs. We are manufacturing ornamental stainless steel tubes in accordance with the ASTM A554, JIS, DIN, AISI, EN, and GB standards. Moreover, we can provide you with quick delivery, exceptional after-sales service, and customer service.

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Rectangular Ornamental SS Tubing
Rectangular Ornamental SS Tubing
Round Ornamental SS Tubing
Round Ornamental SS Tubing
Square Ornamental SS Tubing
Square Ornamental SS Tubing
Oval Ornamental SS Tubing
Oval Ornamental SS Tubing
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Various Shapes & Sizes

Ornamental stainless steel tubes come in round, rectangular, and square shapes. Round ornamental stainless steel tubes are commonly used for handles and grab bars since they provide a reliable and comfortable grip. And rectangle ornamental stainless steel tubes are used as a shelving or storage component. They are also used as a load-bearing surface for different types of ladders.

Round tubes typically have an outer diameter that ranges from 0.5- up to 6-inches. The outer diameter of square tubes ranges from 0.5- to 8-inches. Rectangular tubes are available in sizes ranging from 0.5 in. x 1 inch up to 0.5 in. by 12 in. Their dimensions are customizable as per your request.

Various Shapes & Sizes
Wide Range of Applications

Wide Range of Applications

Ornamental stainless steel tubes are used for a variety of structural and decorative applications. They are widely used in industries such as health care, construction, motorsports, food service, and marine. Their application in these industries includes:

Medical Equipment Exercise Equipment
Boat Rails & Ladders Automotive Step Bars & Grille Guards
Handrails for Steps, Hallways, and Elevators Step or Running Boards on Vehicles
Handles for Consumer and Commercial Appliances Boat Accessories
Washroom Grab Bars Architecture
Swimming Pool Rails and Accessories Ovens, Refrigerators, Restaurant Equipment

Advantages of Ornamental SS Tubing

Corrosion resistance is typically the main advantage of stainless steel ornamental tubes. Ornamental stainless steel tubes have a passive layer that protects them from degradation and corrosion in acidic and moist environments. Additionally, they are easy to maintain. Their smooth finish and passive layer also make their cleanup and maintenance easy.

Last but not least, ornamental stainless steel tubes are long-lasting and durable. Due to their durability, they are suitable for handrails, ladder rails, handles, and other structural elements.

Ornamental stainless steel tubes also have an attractive appearance, virtually endless customization options, and reasonable pricing.

Advantages of Ornamental SS Tubing

Ornamental Stainless Steel Tubing Material Grades

316/316L – Ornamental stainless steel tubes in 316/316L grades are commonly used in corrosive environments due to their enhanced corrosion resistance. They are popularly used in applications such as breweries, oil & gas processing, food processing, maritime applications, paper & pulp processing, chemical processing, and pharmaceutical & medical settings.

304/304L – 304 and 304L ornamental stainless steel tubes also offer outstanding corrosion protection for light-to-moderate applications. They are less expensive and used for decorative uses in less corrosive settings, such as appliances, residential kitchen equipment, automotive trims, etc.

Ornamental stainless steel tubes in 316/316L and 304/304L grades are commonly used. However, other material grades are also available upon your request.

Wide Selection of Finishes

There are a variety of finishes available for ornamental stainless steel tubes such as:

  • 180 Grit – Compared to mill finishes, 180 grit or #8 mirror finish is smoother. It is commonly used for providing corrosion resistance, easy maintenance, durable surface, and aesthetic appeal on ornamental stainless steel tubes. Also, it is used for architectural, sanitary, and dairy applications.
  • 600 Grit – 600 grit is a high-grit finish that gives a bright finish and ultra-smooth surface to ornamental tubes. It can also provide clear reflections that are similar to a mirror or chrome.
  • Mill Finish – Mill finish is a standard finish that can help you save money and have the chance to weld or fabricate the ornamental tubes without worrying about damaging the finish.

Other finishes also include 320 grit polish, 240 grit polish, bright annealed, buffed finish, #8 mirror finish, or custom finishes.

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