Power Generation

Power Generation

Power Generation

Typically, stainless steel is used to provide beneficial features to power generation industries. This metal is available in wide range of grades making it easy to find the right stainless steel for the power generation.

304 is the typical stainless steel grade used in this industry because of its extreme resistance to corrosion and high toughness. 316 grade is also used for power generation exposed in seawater.

Another grades such as 330, 230, 600, and more are widely used for power generation equipment to withstand elevated temperatures.

Different power generation industries that use stainless steel includes solar, nuclear, geothermal, and more. These fast-growing industries are exposed to acidic compounds, corrosive agents, and harsh environments. Therefore, stainless steel is the best used materials.

Power Generation Equipment Made from Stainless Steel

Boiler Systems. This equipment is used in the industry for heating system. It constantly deals with vapor or steam. Thus, stainless steel is used for the production of this equipment because of its high corrosion resistance.

Heat Exchangers. Stainless steel heat exchangers are guaranteed with longevity in the long run of using.

Turbines. Power generation uses two types turbines including impulse and reaction.

Pipes. Stainless steel can provide durability to pipes used in the power generation since it can withstand corrosive liquids.

Power Generation

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