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With its versatility, stainless steel is commonly used in different processing plants including foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and more. These materials are widely used in the fabrication of process plant equipment including sorters, mechanical processors, slicers, etc.

The stainless steel material offers endless possibilities for different process plants industry. Its corrosion resistant makes the equipment suitable to be used for harsh environments and operations. The most common stainless steel grades used for process plants are 316 and 304.

Another grade used for the industry includes all 300 series. This grade is ideal for process plants that requires freezing applications.

Why Stainless Steel is Used in the Process Plants

-Offers bacteria resistance


-Available in a wide range of surface finishes

-Adaptable to any structural elements

-Excellent formability and weldability

-100% recyclable and sustainable

-Can withstand chemicals and acids

-Non-porous, smooth, and robust surface

Why Stainless Steel is Used in the Process Plants

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