Stainless steel angle

Stainless Steel Angle

Stainless Steel Angle Manufacturer in China

Stainless steel angles are designed with 2 legs to create a 90° angle. Since they contain alloying elements such as chromium, nickel, and molybdenum, they do not stain or corrode easily. They are the ideal material for environments where they will be prone to rust, oxidization, and other elements.

TuoLian offers stainless steel angles in different dimensions, material grades, profiles, finishes, and other specifications. We can also produce custom stainless steel angles for your specific needs or applications.

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10mm SS Angle

10mm stainless steel angles are commonly used for warehouse shelves, container frames, and industrial furnaces.

15mm SS Angle

15mm stainless steel angles are resistant to corrosion and many acids. They are also easy to weld and form.

25mm SS Angle
25mm SS Angle

The 25mm stainless steel angles are ideal for heavy-duty construction. They have excellent strength.

50mm SS Angle

50mm stainless steel angles are great to use for window & door frames, handrails, structural sections, and fittings.

16 Gauge SS Angle

The 16 gauge stainless steel angles are commonly used for backsplashes, kitchen appliances, and many more.

1x1 SS Angle

The 1×1 stainless steel angles are made from food-grade 304 stainless steel. They have great durability.

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Production Processes

There are 2 primary processes for producing stainless steel angles which are laser fusion welding and hot rolling. Stainless steel angles produced by hot rolling are more affordable. They commonly have rounded corners or tapered edges. On the other hand, laser-fused SS angles have a consistent, sharp, and square corner. They also have a bead blast and a smoother finish. Compared to hot-rolled stainless steel angles, laser-fused SS angles have a higher surface finish.

At TuoLian, we produce laser-fused and hot-rolled stainless steel angles in both metric and imperial sizes. We can distribute them all throughout the world.

Production Processes
SS Angles by Finishes

SS Angles by Finishes

Brushed Polish – Stainless steel angles can be produced in brushed or also known as satin polish. Brushed polished angles are commonly used for decorative applications.

Bright Polish  –  Bright polished or bright annealed finish SS angles have a reflective, shiny, and bright surface.

Mill Finish – Mill finish or also known as 2B finish stainless steel angles have a smooth and grainy finish. They are light gray in color. Also, they are commonly used for kitchen appliances.

Polished stainless steel angles are commonly used for architectural and manufacturing applications where appearance is important.

Stainless Steel Angle Features

Stainless steel angles have many features such as:

Stainless Steel Angle Features

Variety of Applications

Stainless steel angles are used for making brackets, frames, and for manufacturing fabrications and general engineering. They can also be used for edge protection and as an edging trim. Furthermore, they are used for welded or woven screens for mining, springs, threaded fasteners, water & quarrying filtration, heat exchangers, architectural railings, trims, paneling, chemical containers, food preparation equipment, and more.

Stainless steel angles have different applications depending on their grades. As an example, 316 stainless steel angles are commonly used for laboratory equipment & benches, aircraft parts, coastal architectural paneling, trim & railings, boat fittings, and other marine applications. And 304 stainless steel angles are commonly used for:

By Grades

304 Stainless Steel Angle

TuoLian offers stainless steel angles in grades 304 and 304L. 304 stainless steel angles are commonly used for structural applications where excellent corrosion resistance and great strength are needed. They are also used for indoor applications and all kinds of fabrication applications where they will be exposed to chemicals, fresh water, salt water, and acidic environments. Their characteristics include:

  • Corrosion Resistance = Excellent
  • Forming/Bending = Good
  • Grinding/Machining = Fair
  • Welding = Excellent
316 Stainless Steel Angle

316 and 316L stainless steel angles are available at TuoLian. 316 stainless steel angles are the second most often preferred grade after grade 304. They are a standard molybdenum-bearing grade. Their molybdenum content makes them have more corrosion resistance than 304 SS angles. They are also more resistant to chloride conditions. Some of their characteristics are listed below.

  • Machining/Grinding: Good
  • Corrosion Resistance: Excellent
  • Bending/Forming: Good
  • Welding: Very Good

Types of Stainless Steel Angles

Stainless Steel Equal Angle
Stainless Steel Equal Angle

Stainless steel equal angles have sides that are the same width along the entire material’s length. They have equal legs and are commonly used for:

  • Lintel Beams and Frames
  • High Corrosion Situations
  • Trailers & Truck Bodies
  • Marine Engineering
Stainless Steel Unequal Angle
Stainless Steel Unequal Angle

Stainless steel unequal angles have an L shape. They have one side that is wider than the other. Their applications typically include:

  • Structural Reinforcement
  • Larger Building Projects
  • Workshops
  • Bridges & Properties
Stainless Steel Angle Manufacturer in China
Stainless Steel Angle Manufacturer in China

TuoLian is specialized in offering custom stainless steel angles with fast deliveries and competitive pricing. Contact us now!

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