Stainless Steel for Medical

Stainless Steel for Medical

Stainless Steel for Medical

Because of its versatility, stainless steel has been used in almost every industry including the medical field. This material is proven to meet all the demanding medical industry requirements after undergoing various testing.

Hygiene is a very crucial part in this industry. Due to its superior resistance to corrosion, hospitals or healthcare preferred to use stainless steel medical devices. It also provides good formability during the production medical devices. Medical-grade stainless steel are widely used in the industry since it can prevent rust that can lead to health problems.

Among the medical devices that are produced using stainless steel are surgical tools and implants. These tools are used by laboratories, clinics, and other medical-related fields due to its sterilization tolerance.

These materials are cost-effective to produce while providing similar qualities from other metal such as aluminum and titanium.

In addition, stainless steel does not fade its color in the long run of using.

Common Stainless Steel Grades Used in Medical Industry

304. This medical-grade stainless steel exhibits superior resistance against corrosion. It also has strong resistance to oxidation. Thus, you can assure its durability and longevity.

316 & 316L. These stainless steel grades are acid and chlorine resistance.

420. It is widely used in the medical industry because of its high hardness and toughness. SS420 is mostly used for production of dental instruments.

17-4. With its superior mechanical properties, 17-4 stainless steel is preferred in production of medical devices. It also provides high toughness and low-temperature resistance.

Medical Industry

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