• stainless steel h channel
  • stainless steel h channel

Stainless Steel H Channel

The stainless steel H channel, also referred to as a stainless steel H-beam or stainless steel I-beam, stands as a fundamental structural element extensively employed in construction undertakings. Belonging to the family of steel beams characterized by their “H” or “I” shaped cross-sections, this component is ingeniously devised to offer exceptional load-bearing capabilities while simultaneously minimizing the overall weight of the structure. With a standard yield strength of 35,000 psi and a Rockwell B80 hardness, our offerings encompass a spectrum of sizes, shapes, and colors, tailored to your precise requirements.

Key Features of Stainless Steel H Channel

The stainless steel H channel embodies enduring attributes, effectively enduring heat and corrosion up to 1500°F. Its adaptability for fabrication and welding further underscores its value. Moreover, the amalgamation of heightened geometrical strength, an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, and unparalleled durability has propelled the stainless steel H channel to prominence within the realm of architectural endeavors.

Diverse Application

The versatility of the stainless steel H channel renders it a sought-after choice across a multitude of applications. Its utilization extends to mechanical manufacturing, steel structure shipbuilding, and automobile chassis construction, showcasing its adaptability and reliability. Beyond these domains, the stainless steel H channel finds its niche in bridging, framing, and signage applications, while also proving its mettle in crafting dividing wall panels, cookware, and chemical-processing equipment.

Diverse Application
Web Width 7-28mm
Flange Width 100-900mm 
Flange Thickness 5-16mm
Web Thickness 50-300mm
Length 1-6m or cut to length
Surface Finish Bright polished, rough turned, matt finish
Specifications ASTM A240

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