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Stainless Steel Precision Tube Manufacturer in China

Stainless Steel Precision Tubes

Stainless steel precision tubes are highly specialized tubes made from stainless steel, produced with meticulous attention to detail and exacting standards. These tubes are extensively used in a variety of industries where accuracy, corrosion resistance, and a smooth surface finish are of paramount importance. We offer a variety of surface finishes, including cold drawn or cold rolled, pickled, polished, or bright annealed, to cater to your specific requirements. Our stainless steel precision tubes are available in various grades, including austenitic, duplex stainless steel, and nickel alloys.

If you need different sizes, shapes and grades, we can customize stainless steel precision tubing for you.

Why people like Stainless Steel Precision Tubes?

Our stainless steel precision tubes boast high precision dimension tolerances, ensuring precise measurements for your critical applications. They exhibit excellent hardness and exceptional corrosion resistance, making them highly durable and reliable. With robust mechanical properties and excellent resistance to high pressure, our precision tubes ensure optimal performance in demanding environments. Additionally, their smooth surface finish provides enhanced efficiency and ease of maintenance.

Where to use Stainless Steel Precision Tubes?

Our stainless steel precision tubes find wide-ranging applications across several industries. They are particularly well-suited for industrial use where accurate sizing and high precision dimensions are vital. Industries such as chemical, marine, gas, automobile, oil, medical, aerospace, and electronics benefit from the superior qualities of our precision tubes. Moreover, they are instrumental in the production of machines, instruments, and semiconductors.

SS Precision Tube by Grades

Many Type Choices

We have many  types or shapes of tubes in stock, such as hydraulic & honed tubes, “U” shape, rectangle, square and round.

Tube Types
Processing Service

Processing Service

We offer an array of processing services to meet your specific needs for stainless steel precision tubes. Whether you require bending, flaring, grit blasting, forming, swaging, centerless grinding, welding, annealing, drilling, bevel cutting, threading, or any other custom processes, our team is well-equipped to fulfill your requirements.

In conclusion, our stainless steel precision tubes deliver exceptional performance, precision, and reliability across diverse industries and applications. Choose our stainless steel precision tubes for unparalleled quality and performance in your critical projects.

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