Stainless Steel Sheet Manufacturer in China

Stainless Steel Sheet

Tuolian skillfully manufactures various stainless steel sheets according to industrial needs and business.

  • Precise dimensions
  • Easy to weld
  • Long-lasting life

Stainless Steel Sheet Manufacturer in China

Stainless steel sheets are typical metal alloy that consists of nickel, titanium, manganese, chromium, nickel, etc. They feature excellent resistance to corrosion, scratches, and tarnish. That makes them more suitable for an economic environment and industrial field. They are also the preferred materials for industrial appliances, like pipework and piping. 

Tuolian has multiple sets of equipment for SS sheet sliting, smoothing, and cutting procedures. These machines are available in small to large batches. We offer a series of SS sheets with thicknesses that ranges from about 0.05mm to 1.00mm. Soft, hard, and high rigid precision strips are also accessible.

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Product Parameters:   Stainless Steel Sheet/Plate
Width 10mm~2500mm
Thickness 0.2mm~100mm Thickness tolerance +/-0.03mm
Standard ASTM/ASME 240/480,JIS 4305,DIN EN 10088-2
Surface 2B, BA,8K, NO.1, NO.4, NO.3, hairline,checkered,gold,black , rose gold, etc
specification 1000*2000/L,1219*2438/L,1250*2500/L,1500*3000/L1500*6000/L,1800*6000/L,2000*6000/L2200*6000L
Grade 304 304DQ 201 301 304L 304H 309S 310S 316L 316TI 317L 321 347 347H 430 410 410S 420 420J2 430 430LNT 430J1L 434 436L 439 441 443 444 904L 2205 2507 S32750 S32760 445J2 442etc
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Stainless Steel Sheet By Grades

301 ss sheet
301 SS Sheet
304dq ss sheet
304DQ SS Sheet
304L SS Sheet
304L SS Sheet
304h ss sheet
304H SS Sheet
309S SS Sheet
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Stainless Steel Sheet By Features

Stainless Steel Sheet Plate
Stainless Steel Sheet Plate

The stainless steel sheet plates are available in 0.3mm to 30mm thicknesses, depending on requests. They are ideal for construction and decoration usage.

Stainless Steel Flat Sheet
Stainless Steel Flat Sheet

Stainless steel flat sheets are suitable for structural, furniture, etc. They are formed using hot and cold rolled techniques. These sheets are available in natural colors, as requested.

Stainless Steel Laminate Sheets

The stainless steel laminated sheets work well with bending, decoiling, punching, and welding process. They have customizable length, grade, thickness, and width.

Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet

Perforated stainless steel sheets have customizable hole shapes, depending on applications. These sheets are applicable for filtrations and screens applications.

Magnetic Stainless Steel Sheet

The magnetic stainless steel sheets are formed by cold rolled treatment. They are available in various grades, including 201, 410, etc. These sheets have custom lengths.

Stainless Steel Corrugated Sheet

Stainless steel corrugated sheets are available in the mirror and brushed surface finishes. They excellently work with different techniques, including bending, punching, etc.

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2B SS Sheet
2B SS Sheet
2D SS Sheet
2D SS Sheet
BA SS Sheet
BA SS Sheet
NO.1 SS Sheet
NO.1 SS Sheet
NO.3 SS Sheet
NO.3 SS Sheet
NO.4 SS Sheet
NO.4 SS Sheet
P3 SS Sheet
P3 SS Sheet
8K SS Sheet
8K SS Sheet
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By Application

  • Architecture
  • Automotive
  • Aeronautics
  • Medical
  • Construction
  • Catering & Canning
    Catering & Canning

By Size

Stainless Steel Sheet Properties

Corrosion Resistance
Corrosion Resistance

The chemical compositions on stainless steel sheets protect them from rust. Their corrosion resistance feature increases with necessarily polished finishes, perfect for kitchen appliances.


Since SS sheets have a lower melting point, they don’t need special tools. They are also durable and lasting materials, making industries save on working and maintenance costs. 

Valuable Metal
Valuable Metal

The smarter option material SS sheets have far lesser drawbacks than other alloys. They provide excellent value, cost-effectiveness, and durability. SS is an easy-to-clean metal material.


Stainless steel sheet materials are excellent options for various applications, like fabrications. They are simple to work with and ideal for massive industrial and intricate usage.

Stainless Steel Sheet Finishes Options

Tuolian fabricates custom stainless steel sheet alloys with different finishes, such as follows:

  • Brushed Finish: This finish looks like straight hair, known as a hairline finish. 
  • Sandblasted: The sandblasted surface results in a bead-blasted sheet finish with an even matte surface.
  • Mirror Finish: It is also called a mirror-polished sheet. This finish is processed with high-gloss and non-directional polished.
  • Etched Finish: This finish is achieved by using electrochemical techniques. It is a lasting etched pattern with high accuracy.
  • Embossed Finish: This finish comes with unique and stunning designs, forming concave-convex textures.
Finishes Options
Production Methods

SS Sheet Production Methods

Custom SS sheets are designed for various applications using multiple methods. Consider the following.

  • Casting
  • Wrought
  • Extruding
  • Cold finishing
  • Stamping & Drawning
  • Hot rolled
  • Heat treating
  • Punching & Cutting

Types of Stainless Steel Sheets


The Austenitic SS sheets have an austinite main microstructure, consisting of iron and carbon solutions. They come with over 723°C critical temperature. These stainless steels feature impressiveness, toughness, and high-temperature resistance. They are formed with 16% chromium, 70% austenitic, and 6% nickel- three series of metals.


The ferritic ones have chromium alloy elements with about 10.5 to 18% content ranges. They are designed with multiple metallic properties, like magnetic treatment, corrosion resistance, and heat treatments. Generally, they prevent stress corrosion issues.


Martensitic has lower chromium and higher carbon primary ingredients. Its features are magnetic, have good weldability, and come with increased hardenability. The martensitic SS sheets’ properties can be enhanced using heat treatments. However,  they have low corrosion resistance than other metal types.


The Duplex stainless steel sheets come from two-element structures, the Austenitic and Ferrite. They have combined properties of corrosion resistance. Moreover, they have high resistance to chloride effects and stress corrosion cracking. Compared to other stainless steel types, Duplex has a higher strength with excellent welding and formability features.

  • “Thanks to Tuolian, for providing us our needed stainless sheet sheets. They are all delivered with secured packaging and the quantity is right. It helps us increase our productivity.”

  • “We have received well-polished 304 stainless steel sheets from Tuolian. It really suits our ongoing appliance projects. Thanks for your good service! We will better order more stainless steel supplies from you.”

  • “I appreciate how Tuolian staff members assisted us from inquiries to delivering our requested SS sheets. The details are all followed, and that helps us improve our work efficiency. Thanks, we found a trusted SS sheet supplier!”

What are Available Sizes of Stainless Steel Sheets?

The standard stainless steel sheets come in 4’ to 8’ in width and about 8’ to 20’ in length. However, their dimensions are customizable, depending on requests and applications. They are easy to cut for requested lengths.

Are Stainless Steel Sheets Flexible?

The stainless steel sheets are easy to work with and bend. The thin ones can simply bend by hand. The thicker sheets need to use bending tools and are formed according to requirement applications.

How Long Will the SS Sheets Last?

Stainless steel sheets are easy to clean, durable, and resistant to corrosion metal material. That makes them achieve longer life expectancies of more than 50 years.

What are the Differences Between Galvanized and SS Sheets?

Galvanized steel sheets come with steel coatings to stop corrosion. The stainless ones are typically combined with chromium and some metal elements to form an alloy.

Stainless steel sheets have more strength than galvanized ones. But galvanized are cheaper. 

Some external parts of refrigerators are made from stainless steel, while others have a galvanized steel interior. Moreover, SS sheets are preferred for commercial applications, like food services.

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Choose the stainless steel grade you need, for any use, Tuolian always gives you the best solution.

One Stop Stainless Steel Supply.

Whether you need stainless steel materials for your business or fabrication projects, TuoLian is your best supplier. You can find all types, grades, and thicknesses based on your needs. Guaranteed that we provide the best quality at a reasonable cost.
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