Stainless steel Slit Coil

  • Stainless steel Slit Coil

Stainless steel Slit Coil

Stainless steel slit coil is produced by cutting a larger stainless steel coil into narrow strips or coils of desired widths. This process is often used to produce strips with precise dimensions for specific applications. Slit coil can be further processed or used as is, depending on the end user’s requirements. And we use specialized machinery to ensure minimum burr, minimum camber, maximum flatness of stainless steel slit coil. 

We also supply customization services for your different needs of size, shapes and colors.

Key Features of Stainless steel Slit Coil

Stainless steel split coil has high versatility, durability, and strength. It can also resist corrosion and withstand extreme temperatures. What’s more, people often use it for some food and medical applications because it is non-reactive and non-toxic. 

Typical Applications of Stainless steel Slit Coil

Typically, stainless steel slit coil is used in chain saw blades, finned tube applications, oil well filter screens, kitchen trim and equipment, roll formed parts, television cones, automotive trim and moldings, dock levelers, heavy equipment, office furniture and fixtures. In addition, some deep drawn parts, brackets, pressure vessels, sanitary fittings and valves, zippers, tobacco machinery, furnace parts, vaults, dairy equipment, milking machines all require it. It is also used in the production of still tubes, coal hopper linings, evaporators, electronic components, cooling coils, shipping drums and beer barrels.


Stainless Steel Slit Coil

Widths 0.188″ – 72″
Thickness .059 – .500
Surface finish Brushed, polished, satin finish, 2B, bright annealed, hot rolled, 2D, 2E
Grade 201, 301, 302, 303, 304/304l, 316, 321, 430, 409, 410, 420, 439, 17-7
Processing service Edging, Slitting, Annealing

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