Titanium Grade 2 Pipes Features

We produce a wide range of Titanium Grade 2 Pipe that offers excellent features including:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Chlorine resistance
  • Seawater resistance
  • Oxidation resistance

Not just that, it offers high performance, low density, low electrical and thermal conductivity, highly durable and strong, etc.

Titanium Grade 2 Pipes Manufacturer

Titanium grade 2 pipes are designed to meet the demand applications for Surface condensers, heat exchangers, evaporators, steam turbines power plants, chemical plants, refineries, air conditioning systems, offshore platforms, vapor compression plants, surface shapes, submarines, heat pumps in the swimming pool, desalination and more. That is why it becomes popular in different fields of industriesArchitectures, medical, power generation, hydro-carbon processing, marines, desalination, airframe skin, and chemical processing.

At Tuolian we offer a wide range of Titanium Grade 2 Pipe that are available in customize depending on your needs. Below are some specifications of pipes:

Standard:                            GB, DIN, GOST, EN, JIS, ASME, ASTM, AISI, AMS,

Thickness:                           0.2 – 60mm

Finish:                                  Bright, cold finish, polished, pickling, annealing,

Available Shapes:            Round, square, box section, rectangle.

In order to provide quality titanium grade 2 pipes, we are doing different testing processes such as PMI test, Mill Test, Visual Inspection, destructive and nondestructive, third party, chemical test, mechanical test, tensile test, flattening test, ultrasonic test, dimensional inspections, eddy current test, flaring test, visual examinations.  With that, you can get a high-quality titanium pipe for your desired requirements.

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