Titanium Grade 2 Sheet

Tuolian rest assured that every Titanium Grade 2 Sheet made can offer excellent features. It become popular due to its superior corrosion resistance, seawater resistance, alkali resistance, rustproof, and more. Not just that it also provides excellent formability, moderate strength, nonmagnetic, excellent strength, and ductility, readily weldable, and so on. For high temperatures, these titanium grade 2 sheets can able to work for up to 1660 degrees Celsius.

Titanium Grade 2 Sheet Manufacturer

The Titanium Grade 2 Sheet is pure grade titanium that consists of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, iron, and other types of elements. Those elements help titanium be much stronger and more durable to stand in harsh environments.

With their excellent characteristics, these titanium grade 2 sheets are widely used to make Airframe skins, galley equipment, bracket, ductwork, cryogenic vessels, chemical processing, heat exchangers, tube heaters, medical devices, gaskets, etc. It is also perfect for medical implants, electroplating, evaporators, desalination plants, and many more.

At Tuolian we offer customized titanium grade 2 sheets depending on your requirement. Below are some of them with their specifications.

Standard:                            ASTM B265, ASME SB265

Sizes:                                     1000x2000mm to 2000x4000mm

Thickness:                           0.2 to 12mm

Hardness:                            Hard, soft, quarter hard, spring hard, haft hard, etc.

Finish:                                   Cold rolled, hot rolled, BA, 2B, NO 8,

Forms:                                  Strips, foils, coils, plates, plain sheets, shim sheets

Tuolion creates a wide range of titanium grade 2 sheets and make different equipment and component that use different field of industries. The common for this is chemical, architectural, aerospace, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, oil and gas, ore and mineral refining, power generation, pulp, and papers.

In order to create high-quality titanium grade 2 sheets, we are doing different processes such as Hot forming, cold forming, welding, and machining.

0.2% proof Stresses:                       275 Min MPA

Tensile Strength:                              345 Min MPA

Elongations:                                       Min of 20%

Reduction of Area:                          30%

Hardness:                                        80 HRB

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