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Vibration Finish Stainless Steel

Vibration Finish Stainless Steel Manufacturer in China

The vibration finish stainless steels achieve constant surface texture with multi-directional grit lines. They are also known as angel hair and non-directional satin. These unique finishes are in demand due to their high-density scratch effects. They are available in different grades, including 304, 304L, 316L, 430, and 441. The SS with vibration finishes absorbs scratches and has vandal resistance. 

TuoLian creates multiple tracks polishing on the stainless steel surfaces. That forms non-directional circle lines, making them achieve unique line patterns. We design these stainless steel sheets with about 1219x2438mm and 1219x3048mm standard sizes. However, their dimensions are customizable according to requests. Moreover, TuoLian can provide gold, silver, rose gold, black, and custom colors as ordered.

Vibration Hairline Stainless Steel

Vibration hairline finish stainless steels are easy to bend, weld, and cut. They are typically used for interior and exterior projects and decorations.

Decorative Vibration Stainless Steel

Decorative vibration finish stainless steels are also available in different colors, as requested. These sheets have a 1000 to 3000mm length range.

Bead blast Vibration Stainless Steel

The bead blast vibration stainless steels are ideal for electric power and boiler-involved applications. They are available in 0.5mm-18mm thickness.   

Coated Vibration Stainless Steel

Color-coated vibration stainless steels are suitable for wall cladding, signages, column covers, etc. They work well with cold-rolled techniques.

Brushed Vibration Stainless Steel

The brushed vibration stainless steels have high hardness with significant cold hardening impacts, perfect for hotel decoration and kitchen equipment.

Gold Vibration Stainless Steel Sheet

The gold vibration finish stainless steel sheets are durable and in demand for various architectural projects. They are available for custom patterns.

SS Copper Color Vibration Finish Plate
SS Copper Color Vibration Finish Plate

This vibration-finish stainless steel plate with copper color provides a unique and antique perspective view. It is available for various dimensions, grades, and thickness options.

SS Rose Gold Vibration Finish Plate
SS Rose Gold Vibration Finish Plate

TuoLian vibration finish SS plate with rose gold coating has an attractive look and is widely used for decorative purposes. This stainless-steel plate type is open for customization according to your requirements.

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Vibration Finish Stainless Steel Applications

TuoLian manufactures high-density, quality vibration stainless steel finishes that are ideal for a range of purposes, including:

  • Architectural decorations
  • Building facades
  • Wall panels
  • Equipment 
  • Interior partitions 
  • Trim work
  • Signage
  • Elevators
  • Store Fixtures
  • And more
Vibration Finish Stainless Steel
Vibration Finish Stainless Steel

Vibration Finish SS Features

TuoLian provides an investment worth business-related arrangements on vibration finish stainless steel fabrication with satisfying features like:

  • Versatility in materials
  • Luxury ambiance 
  • Color and length availability 
  • Ideal for elevated areas
  • Less visible marks
  • Suitable for exterior and interior 
  • Applicable on a variety of fittings
  • Non-directional scratch
  • “The best service we’ve ever received was from TuoLian. They provide us with the vibration finish stainless steel we need but also with superb in-service support. The entire procedure impressed us.” 

  • “TuoLian is certainly a trustworthy partner; they assist us in selecting the proper vibration finish steel for our construction project. From the selection, length, and even logos all sufficiently.”

  • “TuoLian company is truly an expert in customization. We were able to give our customers their desired vibration finish stainless steel in their demand length, selection, and preferred colors in high quality.” 

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