Water Ripple Stainless Steel Sheet Manufacturer

Water Ripple Stainless Steel Sheet

Water Ripple Stainless Steel Sheet Manufacturer in China

The water ripple stainless steel sheets, as their name hints, refer to a SS sheet material with a water ripple-like surface texture. They are widely known for indoor and outdoor embellishments nowadays. These sheets with unique texture designs give light-reflecting effects. That makes the area achieve a strong fantasy vision. Moreover, the water ripple SS sheets have a wide range of decorative styles, providing luxurious, stunning, and natural surroundings. 

TuoLian provides a comprehensive range of stainless steel sheets with water ripple surfaces. We ensure their effective functions and appeals to the environment. TuoLian also accommodates customers’ requested designs and dimensions for particular projects.


Water Ripple Mirror SS Sheet
  • Water ripple mirror SS sheets have mirrored surface treatment with customizable length and width. They are suitable for construction fields.
Water Ripple Decorative SS Sheet
  • The water ripple decorative SS sheets work well with bending, welding, and punching processes. These sheets are flat with a pattern shape.
Water Ripple Bright Finish SS Sheet
  • Water ripple bright finish SS sheets have slit edges. They are formed using hot and cold rolled techniques. There is a wide range of colors available.
Water Ripple Anti-Collision SS Sheet
  • Water ripple anti-collision SS sheets are suitable for decoration and engineering projects. Hairline, mirror, and brush surfaces are accessible.
Water Ripple Embossed SS Sheet
  • The water ripple embossed SS sheets are applicable for interior decoration, hotels, and elevators. These sheets have customizable thickness and length.
Vibration Finish Water Ripple SS Sheet
Vibration Finish Water Ripple SS Sheet
  • This vibration finish water ripple sheet of TuoLian is made with quality stainless steel materials. It is extensively used for decorative interior & exterior, architecture, hotels, and others.
Water Ripple SS Sheet (Small Ripples)
Water Ripple SS Sheet (Small Ripples)
  • The water ripple stainless-steel sheet with small ripples is greatly used for walling & ceiling decorations. It is available for different grades, dimensions, and thickness options.
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Custom Color Options

Types of Water Ripple

Key Features of Water Ripple Stainless Steel Sheet

Enhancement Of Utilities
Enhancement Of Utilities
Safety, Eco-friendly &Fireproof
Safety, Eco-friendly & Fireproof
Low Maintenance &Cleaning
Low Maintenance & Cleaning
Excellent Decoration Effect
Excellent Decoration Effect

Water Ripple Stainless Steel Sheet Application

Due to its beautiful and unique appearance, water ripple stainless steel sheet is often used in the decoration applications, like hallways, ceilings, lobbies, wall panels. And some facades, signboards, elevator interiors, and front desk backgrounds are also made from water ripple stainless steel sheet.

Water Ripple Surface

SS Sheet Grades for Water Ripple Surface

The two classes of water ripple stainless steel sheets are typically classified based on how much alloying is present in each grade. Even though they share some characteristics, they nonetheless have unique properties.

  • 201 SS Sheet
  • 430 SS Sheet
  • 304 SS Sheet: Also known as grade 304, a commonly used stainless steel type typically utilized in commercial applications. Its surface is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.
  • 316L SS Sheet: The grade 316L enhances the ability to resist corrosion and oxidation. An excellent grade of stainless steel for marine applications. They are generally used for high-resistance applications.

Water Ripple Stainless Steel Sheet Benefits

As the name suggested, water ripple stainless steel sheet surface texture is widely used as decoration for both interior and exterior projects. Additionally, there are several advantages to having it.

Durability. The water ripple sheets have extreme toughness and strength that provides strong resilience to wear and impact. 

Low Maintenance. The finished surface of the sheets provides adhesion to dirt and removes contamination. It saves time and effort when cleaning.

Sustainability. Utilizing water ripple sheets comes with great sustainability since they can be fully recycled material types. 

High-Temperature Resistant. Even in high-temperature conditions, water ripple sheets withstand drastic changes and effectively keep their form.

Appearance transformation. Various color options are available and other specific factors. Water ripple sheet selections enhance styles in all spaces.

Corrosion Resistant. The smooth surface of the stainless steel resists the build-up of corrosion that can create bigger problems. 

Utility Enhancement. Long lifespan and restiveness are a few of the capabilities of stainless steel. They are undeniably more practice to use.

Chemical Tolerance. With this, stainless steel maintains its quality and sustains damaging effects on the surface.  

Thickness 0.3-3.0mm
Length 2000mm to 3048mm, or customized
Width 1000mm to 1500mm
Pattern depth 0.5mm-1.5mm
Tolerance ±1%
Grades stainless steel 304, 316, 201, 430,
Standard JIS, AiSi, ASTM, GB, DIN, EN.
Surface finish  PVD Color + Mirror + Stamped
Edge treatment Mill, Slit
Packaging PVC material, water-resistant paper, wooden packaging

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Choose the stainless steel grade you need, for any use, Tuolian always gives you the best solution.

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Whether you need stainless steel materials for your business or fabrication projects, TuoLian is your best supplier. You can find all types, grades, and thicknesses based on your needs. Guaranteed that we provide the best quality at a reasonable cost.
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